We want to ensure that your beautiful blooms last, so please follow our care instructions to ensure you get the longest possible life out of them.

Remember that your flowers are just like us; they need food, water and a bit of love to survive.


Your beautiful bunch needs a home, so prepare your vase with care. We recommend a glass vase that has been cleaned with bleach and thoroughly rinsed to ensure that any remnants are not lingering around.

Having a clean vase means no nasty bacteria to contaminate your fresh blooms. Start off on the right foot, and this will ensure longevity.


Your blooms would've been prepared with the utmost care, but we always recommend cutting 1cm-2cm from the ends on an angle. This ensures that your blooms soak up their water evenly.

Make sure that you re-cut your stems every other day, preferably under water, so that they soak up water and not air.

We understand you might not have florist scissors at home, but your sharpest scissors will work fine.


Remove any leaves that will be submerged by the water. The leaves floating around in the water can cause bacteria to grow and be harmful to your flowers.


Ensuring that your blooms have fresh water daily is the most crucial part. We included a small satchel of water food, so place this in the first vase of water, from there on, just tip the old water down the sink, wash and thoroughly the vessel, then refill with fresh water.


Fresh flowers can sometimes be a little temperamental, Don’t place them in direct sunlight, under or near air conditioners or near heaters as they will dry the flowers out, making them wilt.

Placing your blooms properly will help them last much longer, and combined with our care instructions, you’ll be able to enjoy your fresh blooms for days!


If you have any questions, please just contact us for help! We love flowers so will be able to help you.