30 Second Supplier Spotlight // Linda from ME PHOTOGRAPHY

My aim is to photograph you and when you look back at your images, you think, “Yes, this is totally ME” and “Wow! This is ME!”. No awkward images, fake smiles but a true, awesome capture of you.


30 Seconds with Linda from ME Photography

What’s your name? Linda Beks

What's your Business name? ME Photography

Your Nickname? Linnepinnie

What do you do? I am a professional accredited photographer. I own ME Photography and have my professional studio in Nelson Bay. I photograph people in love ( engagements/ weddings), with their loved ones ( families/ pets) and being loved ( glamour)

How long have you been doing it? I own ME Photography for over 10 years but before that I used to live in Holland ( I am Dutch), I have been a photographer for a long time even in the time of analogue cameras and darkrooms

If you weren’t doing this, what would you be doing?  Holidaying ;-) whenever I am not working I am trying to plan a great holiday. It does not stop me from shooting though as I always find things to capture while I am away.

Best part of your job? There are many…. But most of all documenting the real moments in peoples lives. It is often when times passes those images become most important to us all. I always try to create something special out of an ‘ ordinary' moment. Nowadays everyone calls themselves a photographer .. I like to create something my clients can’t create for themselves, whether it is a complete glamour make over shoot and transformation, documenting a wedding and capturing all those moments they did not even notice on the day, the smiles, laughs and love between everyone or family photos with crazy kids or pets. The best part is when I hand over the images and surprise my clients with the results.

What are you binge watching at the moment? Handmaid's tale…. And I also discovered orange is the new black ( and there are still so many episodes to watch!)

How do you have your coffee? I never used to drink coffee… believe it or not…. I have missed something ;-) cappuccino is my coffee order now

Favourite beverage? Daytime: Bondi Chai / Night time: Red wine

Favourite part of a wedding? This is almost too difficult to answer, I don’t have ONE favourite part… at the start of the wedding I love capturing the groomsmen getting ready and giggling like girls because they are so nervous… at the ceremony I love the moment the groom sees the bride for the first time, at the location shoot I love it that there is just a moment with the bride and groom together on a hectic day and they can just enjoy being just married while I capture amazing photos and at night I love the speeches as I get to hear all the funny stories about the couple and the best bit is the unexpected moments that make each wedding unique.

What do you love most about weddings in Port Stephens? The amazing amount of cool places to get married at and the variety of stunning locations for photos all in a very short distance away.

Why do you love working with A Beautiful Occasion? Because I know you girls can transform any location into something special and every time it is so unique

You’re on a deserted island and you’re allowed to take three things, what are they and why?

  1. A boat so I can leave whenever I want

  2. Water to survive

  3. And my family because I would not want to miss them

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