30 Second Supplier Spotlight // Lisa from LISA SINGLE MAKEUP ARTIST

Lisa Single is an enthusiastic makeup artist whose aim is to make every woman look and feel beautiful in her own skin with effortless beauty and style. Lisa specialises in makeup for bridal makeup, editorial photo shoots, corporate events, head shots, bachelorette parties, special occasions, is available for trials, and will happily to travel to you


30 Seconds with Lisa from Lisa Single Makeup Artist

What’s your name? Lisa Single

What's your Business name/Who do you work for? Lisa Single Makeup Artist Hair Stylist

Your Nickname? No nickname

What do you do? I’m a freelance makeup artist and hair stylist. My role includes consulting with brides about their desired look, applying makeup, and prepping and styling hair

How long have you been doing it? 4 years

If you weren’t doing this, what would you be doing? Flying aeroplanes!

Best part of your job? I love seeing the product of my work. It’s so rewarding to see the bride and her bride tribe looking fab, ready to leave for the ceremony. I especially love to spoil mother-of-the-bride on the big day. I’m always impressed and inspired by their poised elegance, and above all, their pride when they see their daughter as a beautiful bride

What are you binge watching at the moment? Masterchef

How do you have your coffee? White, no sugar

Favourite beverage? That’s a hard one. Alcoholic? A glass of champagne. Non-alcoholic? A milkshake, any flavour. Or orange juice, but NOT together!

Favourite part of a wedding? The food. Can I say that? Also seeing the bride and groom blissfully and unapologetically swooning over each other, but definitely the food.

What do you love most about weddings in Port Stephens? Port Stephens could mistakenly be expected to meet only a select wedding style or bridal demographic - specifically a coastal themed wedding. But it is so much more. This region can offer an incredible variety of styles and themes; from white sandy beaches, lush forests and bush land, rustic fields, heritage listed architecture, fine dining restaurants and 5 star hotels, the list goes on. The options are endless and this is why I love Port Stephens weddings.

Why do you love working with A Beautiful Occasion? A Beautiful Occasion has a gleaming reputation for a reason. I’ve been on both sides of the fence with Sara and Amy - both as a customer and as an allied supplier at weddings. I love the work that they do, and the way they make their clients feel. Something else I admire about these gals is how hard they work. I have so much respect for these two women in business, they surely are an inspiration.

You’re on a deserted island and you’re allowed to take three things, what are they and why?

  1. A Swiss Army Knife

  2. A flint

  3. A lipstick

Why? Because I want to survive, but I also want to look cute while doing it

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