Let’s Plan a Wedding – First Steps

The most successful event is one that achieves your goals and exceeds your expectations!


CONGRATULATIONS!  You’re engaged!  What an exciting time; your ring is new and shiny and you’re spending hours just staring at it; everyone wants to know the finer details of the proposal, and you’ve got a newfound love of Pinterest. 

But, how do you actually start the planning process?  We’ve been working in the industry for some time and have worked out the best way to help you in organising the main parts of your beautiful day, with as little stress as possible.  Below are some of the questions you need to answer first and foremost:

1.       Budget and your absolute maximum Spend.

Deciding on your budget can be a little overwhelming once you start adding everything up with ballpark figures, but once you have set your budget, it makes the planning process much easier. You both need to discuss what you are comfortable in spending, if there are any other parties contributing to the wedding and how much, and where you should prioritise the money. Once you have the budget set, make sure you stick to it and every cent is accounted for.

2.       When do you want to get married?

Are you thinking a spring wedding, or perhaps winter? If you have a special date that is important to both of you, perhaps this might be a factor in your decision. If you are trying to save money, some venues or vendors have cheaper options midweek so maybe think about that too.  Once you have a date, just remember that some venues do book out very early, so you might have to compromise, but you are at least on the right track.

3.       Where do you want to get married?

There are many options of venues within Port Stephens which allow you to create the wedding you have always dreamed of. From small intimate venues to large ones that hold plenty of people, we have the ability to work with all of them. If your venue doesn’t have a ceremony space, where do you want your ceremony? Beach, park, headland …

4.       What type of wedding?

Civil or religious ceremony? Formal or Casual? Beach or park? Sit down dinner or cocktail style?

5.       Guest List – EEK!

This is the biggest, and sometimes hardest, decision of all as this will have a flow on effect through every stage of the planning process. Your guests list will depend on your budget, but you need to decide if you want a large wedding, medium, or small and intimate. If have a guest list, but feel that your budget won’t allow it, you will need to take some people off the list, but if you feel you can’t lose those people, you will need to make allowances elsewhere in your budget.

So now you’ve worked out some of the main points, you can now start to do research.  We always recommend that our couples have the reception venue booked and confirmed, and an idea of how they want their wedding to look including colour schemes before requesting a proposal.  Without a venue, we just can’t put a anything together as each venue is completely different, and all our proposals are put together on an individual basis, as we know, that no two weddings are the same.

With the answer to these 5 questions, you are now able to start really planning your wedding!  Send us an enquiry here today, and we can put a proposal together with your imagery, colour scheme, venue and of course, our recommendations.  We have worked with all Port Stephens venues, and have built strong relationships over the years, so we are always on hand to help you and give you tips.

We look forward to working with you!

Amy + Sara x